Friday, April 30, 2010

Attention: Passing Out Students

We are collecting bicycles, mattresses, blankets, bed-sheets, buckets, notebooks etc. for distribution in nearby villages, charitable hospitals, orphanages, etc. Whoever would like to donate theirs please contact us via email or phone.

If you want to contribute, please click here to enter your details.

To know your hall-representative, please click here.

Volunteers needed
We are in need for volunteers for this purpose. Interested students please contact us.

Team Sambhav
Phone nos.: +91-9734426818
"So long as millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every person a TRAITOR who, having been EDUCATED at their expense, pays not the least heed to them": Swami Vivekananda

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gopali Ashram Project visit @ 4th April '10

Gopali Ashram is a service project situated 3 kms from IIT Kharagpur. The project consists of Hostel/Orphanage, School, Library, Charitable Dispensary, Goshala (cowshed) and Lord Shiva Temple. Currently there are 29 children in the hostel (most of them are destitute, orphans or tribals).

Gopali Ashram is planning to increase this number to 50 (hostel has the capacity of 100 children). For this, the infrastructure needs to be improved. We should help them in their noble plan so that more needy children can get “Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Shiksha” (food, clothing, shelter and education).

Interested people can join us on our visit to Gopali Ashram to see the project and meet the children over there.

Time: 05:00pm
Date: 4th April 2010 (Sunday)
Meeting point: Insti Foyer (Main Building)

Team Sambhav
Phone no.: 9734426818

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Contribution for Books

April 1st 2010:
Geeta Mahto is a poor girl of Pora-Para village (near Salua). She left her studies 2 years back due to financial problems. In 2009, a Ph.D. student of IIT Kharagpur helped her in purchasing books. She became very happy and passed Std. 5th this year.

Now she is in Std. 6th. This year she approached to us. We thought although contributing Rs.450/- is not a big deal for a single person, but why not we include as many people as we can. With in 30 minutes, we achieved our target (Rs.450/-) and Geeta got her books, copies and pen with in 3 hours she asked for it.

Students who contributed (Rs.50/-):
Abhinav Srivastava (05SI2011)
Aditya Mishra (05SI2009)
Amresh Singh (05MI3027)
Aniruddha Sharma (05SI2008)
Ankit Khandelwal (05SI2010)
Ankur Singhal (05SI2002)
Antariksh Gupta (08ME6202)
B. K. Tiwari (08ME6204)
Himanshu Kuriyal (05SI2006)
Jyotiska Bhattacharjee (05SI2027)
P. V. Kiran Kumar (05SI2023)
Sachin Singhal (08ME6218)
Sougata Chaudhuri (05SI2021)
Suraj Dey (05SI2018)
Ved Deshpande (05SI2001)
Vishesh Totla (05SI2014)
Total: Rs.800/-
Bill: Rs.450/-
Balance: Rs.350/-
Previous Balance: Rs.5,000/-
Total Balance: Rs.5350/- (We'll use this amount whenever we find something needed to be done. If you want to suggest something, you are welcome. You can follow this post for details)

Additional Contributions:
Mukesh Kumar (05CY2004): Rs.100/-

Thanks everyone for your support.

Team Sambhav
IIT Kharagpur

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saharsa Visit

I personally visited Saharsa for surveying the relief works done by Badh Rahat Sahayata Samiti, (Seva Bharati) in Durga-Puja vacation.

Manish Kumar
C-329, Nehru Hall.
Ph.: 09734426818

Click here for the pics of relief work by Seva Bharati.

Friday, September 19, 2008

And the contributions continue... :)

  • Dr. Atul Kumar Sharma (US): Rs.2278/- ($50)
  • Ms. Indira Ghosh (Singapore): Rs.700/-

Details of total Collected fund:

Total amount collected: Rs.1,97,295/-

Amount deposited in Bihar Flood Relief Fund: Rs.1,91,111/-

Amount contributed for Orissa Flood Relief 2009 through NSS: Rs.1000/-

Other Expenditures (in notice/form xerox etc): Rs.184/-

Amount Left: Rs.5000/-

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Money Deposited

  • We've deposited Rs. 1,91,111/- at Bank of India, Kharagpur.
  • To view the receipts, please click here.
  • People still interested in contributing, please contact us.
Team Sambhav
Phone no.: +91-9734426818

We'd like to thank all those who've contributed and helped us in making the collections.

For direct transfer:
A/C Name: Badh Rahat Sahayata Samiti
A/C No.: 447010210000002
Bank Of India, Saharsa, Bihar.
Branch Code: 4470

Friday, September 12, 2008